♥☆♡mahala-rose♥☆♡ (lil_gurl_lost) wrote in love_your_blood,

hehe XD

erm so ive like started school agen and ive left my shitty little boarding school but i kinda miss the boarding part. im getting used to the busses and stuff. theres like soo many people in my new school it is masive. ive cut again, after not cutting for about 2/3 months. its so much more deeper now, i like keep peeling off the scabs tomake it bleed everyday so it gets bigger and bigger XD then when its healed i cut again and the whole thing starts over agin. erm today was the first proper day of classes and i skipped breakfast and lunch cos i ddnt bring any food but i kinda did tht on purpose. i had dinner, roast potato and butter and cheese (cries). another polo tournament is coming up and im sooo excited. i thinkthat im slowly slipping back. i feel more empty. i dont know what towrite in my poems anymore i start one sentenceand it doesnt seemto come out like it did. jenni still hasnt talked to me (its coming upfor a year since we met :-S) i miss and love her so much. theres this reli hot gurl in my class shes into death metal like me XD she has snake bites and they look awsome...im gunna just have a bit of dinner from now on.cept its satuday tomorow so i cnt get away with it that easily. i hope everyones doing ok.
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