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im new in this community

1. Name:  Melanie
2. Age: 14
3. How long you have been SI:  month
4. What type of SI do you do: i cut and i make myself feel like a fat disgusting thing.
5. Does anyone know?: yes
6. Are you trying to stop?: not really
7. Do you hide it?: no. idc about it
8. What do you use to SI (razors, knives, etc.)?: razors.
9. Are you seeking any help? (like therapy, etc.): my mom is looking for therapist and stuff. i dont think its that bad. but im also bulimac
10. How often do you SI?: often.
11. What made you start SI?: im mad at myself for letting me get fat.
12. Have you been diagnosed with any medical conditions, and which one/s if so?: Bulimia, depression
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