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im back

um well im lesbian_lovr8 or somthing like tht. cept yeah i change journals. i told all my mates that i had stopped cutting bcos it was a selfish tyhing to do. um the matrons at school found out that i was still cutting. they told my parents. cept a couple of says ago i cut. and it was so fucking good that i wanted more..cept i diddnt, now even writing about this is making me want to cut. sigh. i also had a scary day dream, its posted in my journal a few entries back. um i cant tell anyone and they deffinately wont find out because i cut my breast..it bleeds way more than my wrist, um like i sed , it was so good. and i amjust going to keep it a seceret from my real life friends.
much love
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i recently noticed that it bleeds more on the breast too