bleed the pain away

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This community is specifically for people who self injure (SI), such as cutting, burning, scratching, etc. So if you do not fall under that category then this is probably not the place for you. Please don’t be afraid to let any feelings out. This is a supporting community. We are all in this together, you’re not alone.

1. Do NOT insult anyone! This is a place where people can come for support. It is PRO SI, so if you have a problem with that then leave. If I find anyone being disrespectful you will be removed from this community!
2. If you want to post anything that others would be triggered by please put them under a lj-cut.
3. Be considerate of other member’s emotions.

Now about me. I’m Lucy, and this is the first community I’ve ever made. I’ve been a cutter since I was in seventh grade. I have clinical depression and have been on medication for it for about a year and a half, but they have completely stopped working. I’ve tried to stop cutting but it’s very difficult, as some of you would think if you have tried as well. If anyone needs to talk to me I am always here for you, my email address is Deadbird222@gmail.com. You can email me any time, just give me at least two days to get back to you.

Please fill this out as your first post, so members can get to know you. Thank you!
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. How long you have been SI:
4. What type of SI do you do:
5. Does anyone know?:
6. Are you trying to stop?:
7. Do you hide it?:
8. What do you use to SI (razors, knives, etc.)?:
9. Are you seeking any help? (like therapy, etc.):
10. How often do you SI?:
11. What made you start SI?:
12. Have you been diagnosed with any medical conditions, and which one/s if so?: